The Bad Kardma Story

Once upon a time there was a sister and brother.


They shared a twisted sense of humour just like their mother.


Sister once proposed that they do a tarot card reading.


Brother didn’t oblige till sister started pleading.


Again and again the deck was shuffled, sorted, and spread.


Your future is “blah blah blah boring” the cards often said.


Tired and bored Brother uttered a thought


“Boy I wish this was funny. Do you? or do you not?”.


An idea came to brother and he reached for an offensive game.


He said “use these cards instead, but do readings just the same”.


The readings were pretty fucked but the two of them laughed.


It was then they decided The Bad Kardma deck they would craft.


After some writing and drawing and a Kickstarter too.


Bad Kardma; an asshole of a deck was made for people just like you.

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